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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Books in the Sidebar

Exciting technical-bibliophile update: With the help of LibraryThing I figured out how to add the covers of books I'm currently reading to my sidebar. So now, instead of checking out random books from my library (as exciting as that was) you can now be informed of exactly what I am reading--complete with expected date of completion, notes I have recently scribbled in the margins, and a quick prediction as to whether the book will land in A territory. Actually, all you can see is the covers. But not being a pure-blooded geek, I'm pretty happy about that.

I would be up for some coordinated reading, though, if anyone's interested in the same books I am... (Coordinated reading is similar to coordinated swimming, except there is no water, you participate fully clothed--unless on the beach--and the outcome is smart book discussion instead of lame human patterns. Coffee may be substituted for water if desired.) I'll be happy to link anyone who's reading and blogging about my "current" titles.

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Dustin said...

Organic Church was a good book which forced me to look at the "Church" and how it naturally grows on its own, outside of institutional control, in a new light.

I'll be interested to read what you think once you've finished it, especially as it relates to church planting.


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