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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Six Guys, One Basketball Game, 61 Emails

Early this week I emailed a some friends about playing hoops this weekend. The result, five days later? Sixty-one emails, most of them trash talk. Here are a few examples:

When you hit the ground, and you are not sure what happened..... It was me that set the pick. - Philllip AKA "Brick Wall"

The rims are 10'. Not that it matters. You will not score! - Brian

You might see if they have a girl's ball for Ricky and Ariel to play with. - Phillip

Cool that there's already some oneupmanship going on--I hate beating people who have low self esteem. - Ariel

At one point, Jason observed:
Just so everyone knows, there are over 40 responses, mostly trash talk, so it will be interesting to see what actually DOES happen on Saturday.

More smack ensued.

The chaos ended almost appropriately when our game got rained out today. Now no one will be called to account for their outrageous smack, at least not until next week.

I just want to say: You men were each part of something very pure, very beautiful, and very aggressive-compulsive. I salute each of you and want you to know that I’ll buy consolation Gatorade for everyone who’s not on my team next week. Or herbal tea, or pink lemonade, whatever.

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rob said...

I'm going to go ahead and place you as Doubtful for next week. Not because of any physical problems (although there are many!), but "baby 2.0" is due to arrive any second!

Ariel said...

Thanks, dude. I'll block your shot despite my crenelated vertebrae.

You could be right about a no-show, though. It's all about timing. Baby arrives Friday night, I'm there. Baby arrives Saturday's over. ;)


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