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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Watch What You Ask For

In the early days, the only keyword searches generated for this blog came from people looking for dark chocolate online. Things have improved since then, I’m happy to say, to the point that this site ranks high in the listings of several highly sought-after* keywords. Here’s a rundown of recent searches that have driven traffic to BitterSweetLife.

On the Well-of-course end of the spectrum come several non-surprising results, among them “post-postmodern philosophers.” As informed readers know, I am the world’s foremost
post-postmodern philosopher, so this hit is a no-brainer. As well, the search for “a bittersweet life” would obviously conclude here. Likewise, a “discerning reader” would clearly find much to like at this site.

But it gets better. Several of my specific posts have begun to garner attention on the international level.* Unexpectedly, my colorblind poem has received some interest (perplexed interest, probably) as well as my
classic, melancholy post on “how to deal with the silent treatment.” No doubt people everywhere are looking at stoplights differently and exercising grace in the face of cold stares as a result. Another heavy hitter is “mugsy bogues dunking,” which comes in direct reference to my all time favorite hoops rant.

The other entries tend toward more toward trivia. Topping the list in terms of wordiness come “brief explanation of an unexamined life is not worth living” and “what is meant by an unexamined life is not worth living?”—no doubt both generated by the same intrepid seeker of truth. Whether her doubts were laid to rest here is another question. Taking the prize in terms of specificity is “john piper seeing and savoring jesus chapter 10,” which, of course, led to my authoritative corresponding entry. Remarkable for their pure whimsy are “visual therapy," "mysterious phenomenon" and “narcissist fundamentalist.” (If you’re wondering what in the world they linked to, here you go: therapy, mysterious, narcissist.)

Well. In response to such a tour de force, what can I say? What could anyone say? Before we know it, BitterSweetLife will be lurking at the end of every keyword.*

*Hopefully, before you read this, you realized this post was mostly tongue-in-cheek. Except for the keywords, of course. They're for real.

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Anonymous said...

You're lucky, your search words are tame.

The searches that hit my blog are quite bizarre sometimes.

Norma said...

The searches (and their strategies) always surprise me. Once I wrote about bread pudding. Another time about spudnuts. I noticed a search recently that read "bread pudding and spudnuts." Are they crazy?


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