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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Co-Author, Orange Alert

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a co-author. Seems like the solidarity would be nice, knowing that at the very least your posts will be read by one other person, and probably favorably. Add to that the advantage of added eclecticism—although with this blog, that might be a dubious benefit.

On the con side, there’s always the danger that one of the bloggers would “go off” and bury the other, subduing the blog to his own dark schemes. Excessive or frivolous posts could have that effect. Or what if one of the posters was manic depressive, but didn’t opt for full disclosure? Trouble.

No question that co-authoring works for some, though. The guys over at HiFi have a good thing going. Synergy, laudatory chest-bumping, all that.

On the other hand, maybe my underlying issue is not really the need for a co-author. Could be March Madness; I always feel the pull toward team concepts this time of year. Who wouldn’t? Alley-oop showstoppers, pull-up Js off picks, stifling double-teams… The answer to my questions is probably simpler than I realize. Strangely elusive, as usual, but indubitably round, hip, and like clockwork, orange. A serious game of hoops is the answer to many of life’s problems.

If I actually wanted a co-author, I wouldn’t know until after March.

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Oneway said...

Ariel, here's the deal:

If you, being in control of KU's men's basketball team, will give me, owner of the Stylin Illini, the use of Wayne Simien for the Tournament, I'll get Ravi Zacharias to be your blog co-author*.

*By "co-author", Oneway means he will post excerpts from Dr. Zacharias' works verbatim.

sheryl said...

great deal. go for it.
i would offer Khalil Gibran and Virginia Wolf... except for the fact that they're both dead.
dead co-authors.
still might work out.
*stupid grin*

Ariel said...

Oneway, your offer is intriguing. Unfortunately, in my position as personnel manager, I've got to retain Wayne so we'll have a shot at bouncing aforesaid Illini in the final. Sorry man.

About the dead co-authors thing, I'll have to decide how I feel about and get back to you.

Sherry said...

You don't need a co-author. I wish I wrote half as well as you do. (Have I puffed up your bog esteem enough for one day?)

Ariel said...

Wow, thanks Sherry. I needed that. My blog esteem now hovers several inches above floor level. ;)

BTW, feel free to leave a link to your blog next time.


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