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Friday, August 10, 2007

What began as a "quiet time"...

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Bernard Shuford said...

He's a darling kid, but just wait till the second one arrives! Then you'll get a whole new definition of "interrupted quiet time!" My problem is that I'm a musician and they always wanna help with that, too! Love your blog, BTW.


Ariel said...

Aidan is crazy active. He is never in the same place for more than, uh, 3 seconds. This will be great for Aidan's basketball career, as he clearly has those point guard quicks.

Still, we're hoping that Boy # 2 is a little more relaxed. At least sometimes. He can be a post player.

Joel Lindsey said...

Dude, we're in the same boat, waiting to see what Boy #2 will bring to the fam.

BTW, nice to see one of Eli's favorites on your shelf: Pat the Bunny!

Ariel said...

Pat the Bunny is a masterpiece. Right up there with Good Night Moon.

We'll have to compare notes in a few months, man.


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