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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Five Lies That Ruin Relationships (Review)

Normally, This Would Not Be a Good Sign

Lindsay and I have recently been taking a look at a new DVD/workbook resource developed by Chip Ingram (Walk Through the Bible, anyone?). It has helped us to resolve several of the issues that were about to messily demolish our marriage like a one year old eating tomatoes.

OK, so I'm overplaying the drama. In reality, I got a free review copy of
Five Lies That Ruin Relationships, and the packaging and descriptions were intriguing enough to suck us in. We began watching the DVD sessions, and were favorably impressed.

Chip Ingram is a dynamic communicator, who maintains a high energy level (essential for video messages) and uses anecdotes frequently and effectively. Most important, though, the content of this series is thoroughly scriptural. This gives the messages an effective bitingness that other nicely packaged "Christian" resources often lack these days. The Bible often hurts us before it helps us, and Chip doesn't shy away from this non-PC reality.

Five Lies is intended for small group use (though it could work for honest individuals), and I'd highly recommend it for people who want to find relational health and healing. And by that I mean most all of us.

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