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Friday, August 03, 2007

Heading to Saint Louis & Old, Liquid Grapes

Lindsay and I have enrolled Aidan in Bill Self's "junior" basketball skill camp for the weekend so the two of us can get away for awhile. Self was concerned that Aidan would be going up against guys roughly five times his height, but when he saw the arch on the boy's jump shot, he let him in.

Good news for us.

We're heading to Saint Louis for a day and a night, then to Hermann, MO, which is great wine country. In Saint Louis we'll hit up some parks and attractions and probably check out The Journey and I'll lounge in our hotel swimming pool and relish the fact that I'm not outside moving heavy machinery and sweating profusely.

In Hermann we'll slow down, stay at a bed and breakfast, walk around, do some reading, and investigate one of Jesus' favorite drinks.

Have a good weekend!

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Mickey Friedrich said...

Hey Ariel, I enjoy your blog, keep it coming...

I can't believe that you would partake in the fruits of the vine, especially being a student at a Baptist seminary! You'll never make a good Bapitst legalist.

I go to SWBTS and face a similar fate, but I guess that there are better things to do than build hedges. Enjoy the weekend!

Amanda said...

I wish I had read this earlier;I would have offered you a home cooked meal. I actually live in St. Louis and work part time for the program that Daniel did this summer. Enjoy your trip and time to just be a couple!

Andrew & Alaina said...

Hope you had a fabulous time! Sounds like the perfect weekend!

Ariel said...

Thanks, Mickey. I am strongly in favor of building trellises, but not hedges.

Amanda, maybe next time we're under the arch we'll come knocking on your door.

A&A, right you are: Having a kid is great, but it is also great to get away.

Thanks for the well-wishes!


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