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Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Can't-Miss Books

Last weekend, our trip to St. Louis and Hermann marked a good time and a lot of miles on our car, but it also marked our sixth anniversary. Books tend to show up when anniversary gifts get opened, and here's what appeared this year.

I feel confident saying that every one of these books will pan out. Looking for something new to read, but don't feel like gambling? Assuming that you like well-written prose, and aren't looking for pulp fiction or chic lit (not that those don't have their places), I can pretty much guarantee happy outcomes with these titles.

And I haven't even read them. This is what happens when authors build up currency with readers, yes?
  1. This Rock looks to be a historical novel set in the Appalachian mountains at the turn of the century. My introduction to Robert Morgan came via Gap Creek (my review), which was fantastic.
  2. The Grand Weaver finds Ravi Zacharias doing what he does best--blending apologetics, theology and inspiration with the skill of a master surgeon.
  3. Jesus is The Life as imagined by one of the greatest living storytellers, Walter Wangerin. If you haven't yet, you should buy his The Book of the Dun Cow and read it tomorrow.
  4. And The Golden Stone is a collection of children's stories with some goodies thrown in for parents, also by Wangerin. It was really a gift for Aidan, but Lindsay decided to give it to him by proxy. Since it's Wangerin, I'm cool with that.

If any of you read one of these books and don't think it measures up, I'll buy it off you at four times whatever you paid for it. Or maybe I'll just say, "I'm sorry, I thought your taste was better..." ;)

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Amanda said...

Walt Wangerin - what a fabulous storyteller! I love his "Ragman and other stories of Faith"

I added a link to your blog on my blog. Not that it will get you many more readers as I do not have many readers myself, (I am not a very consistent blogger) but I appreciate and enjoy what you have to say. Hopefully my blog can be a catalyst to yours. Glad you got to some C.S. Lewis! said...

Ravi is good indeed!

Here's a link to an MP3 on which Ravi discusses The Grand Weaver



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