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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Great Literature in About Two Sentences

Brenton is a flaming MU fan, which partially explains the title of his blog and fully explains why it's taken me so long to link this post. Also, I don't fully agree with his take on poetry. He needs to branch out and discover that, among other things, Frost is a Man. However, he's got a knack for talking about great lit. He combines a reviewer's eye and laugh out loud commentary--and in mere sentences.

All this to say, if you can forgive his twisted basketball loyalties, take a look at this poetry & lit post from Hey, Free Dummy. Good stuff.

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Ched said...

His bite-sized lit. criticism is compelling.

Frost is a Man

Hearty agreement.

b.j. mumford said...

ok, fine, i'll give you that frost was a man - compared to mary shelley.


(i mean, would you expect me to agree with YOU? a KU fan? even if i did change my mind, i wouldn't agree with YOU about it. i say that in love.)

Ariel said...

Yeah? YEAH?

Well, I say that Frost was a Man...compared to You! (And the MU hoops team, with the possible exception of Stefhon Hannah, who could back up Mario Chalmers at KU).

You had to see that coming.

Nice to meet another MU guy--it always adds excitement to the blogosphere in the Fall/Spring.


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