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Friday, August 31, 2007

Is Your Blog Viral or Catty?

Over at Goodmanson, Drew spells out the differences between "cat blogs," "boss blogs" and "viral blogs" as he indulges in a Cat Blog Post. I think the distinctions are helpful, as far as they go. The labels, which originate with Seth Godin, may add clarity to your vision as you pursue blogging exploits. Take a look and decide how you'd characterize your blog. How does your blog "type" effect the content and frequency of your posts?

I'd have to call BitterSweetLife a viral/cat blog. Which doesn't sound very cool at all. I just picture this infectious cat sneaking around foaming at the mouth, while people scream and run, on top of which I don't like cats. The language definitely has limitations.

This is why BitterSweetLife has its own label. We are an indie blog. We want to speak to a larger audience when possible, but that doesn't stop us from posting gratuitous photos of Aidan, writing personal ruminations, and bragging about KU Jayhawk basketball. We also like to speak of ourselves in the first person plural.

Ultimately, labels are made to be used creatively and then broken.

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Ched said...

We are an indie blog.

I'll take this stand with you (pl).

Here we blog, we can do no other.


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