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Monday, January 29, 2007

We Are Moved

And Aidan didn't waste any time scoping out the new place. While the rest of us were grunting and sweating, throwing out our backs lifting 100 lb. boxes, he scaled the bedroom wall for a better view of the spectacle. Our friend Steve captured the moment with his cell.

And yeah, I'm exaggerating the pain involved in this move. In reality, we broke a speed record, virtually levitating all of our worldly belongings out of the old place and into the new in THREE HOURS. Even my impressive collection of ceramic coffee mugs got moved intact. And no one got hurt, unless you count the self-inflicted injuries accrued by several foolhardy youths who decided to sprint up eight flights of stairs to our apartment, spraining their calf muscles and nearly rupturing their lungs. Or was that just my experience?? Can I get some backup on this?

At any rate, when the Jayhawk game came on at 12:30, we were all kicked back in the new loft, popping pizza and swilling soda. (Can pizza pop? It can if you need to alliterate.) We have moved, and the new place is very, very good. In a few days it will be even better.

Thanks to all you heavily muscled people who assisted (and to those who pretended to be). Thanks to the people who color-coded my wardrobe, even. We love you all. You can come visit anytime, or at least anytime after we unpack most of our life. :)

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gymbrall said...

What a moving post. heh, heh, I make joke. Seriously though, I want pictures of this color-coded wardobe (do it, or I'll have Mr. Tumnus play shenanigans with your stuff) Also. eight flights of stairs? This is why God made elevators and Sherpas. Anyway, that's it for me. I'm going to go pop some pizza.

Rebekah said...

Wow, he's really moving! Climbing walls before he takes his first steps. :)


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