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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mere Christianity vs. Simply Christian

Comparing C.S. Lewis & N.T. Wright

My plans for the blog over the last couple weeks have been a lot like real life - disrupted by shortages of time and money. (And weren't we all told that the internet was an escape from reality? We need to get back to that.) Nevertheless, BitterSweetLife lurches forward.

I forecasted some topics which are still in the works: Top Ten C.S. Lewis Quotes, More on Childlike Faith, some book reviews. All this is still on the way. To that list you can add a post on Christian Spirituality (what is it, really?) and an attempt on my part to respond to some of your magnificent comments. But in the meantime...

Lindsay and I were recently in a Barnes & Noble, minus AJ, jr., who was at home watching 24, when I picked up N.T. Wright's Simply Christian. As I scanned the back cover, I was both intrigued and scandalized to see comparisons to C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity. And not only comparisons. One reviewer had the puerile audacity to say that Wright's book was "better!" Clearly, investigations would have to be made.

To that end, I was pleasantly surprised to see that none other than
Internet Monk had carried out my investigation for me. Moreover, he has done so in a more diplomatic vein than that which I would have pursued (i.e., "better" than Lewis? Are you high?)

I encourage you to read
Michael Spencer's side-by-side comparison of the two books, then come back here and post your thoughts. I won't give away his conclusion, other than to say that while I may differ slightly, but I appreciate his perspective. Perhaps I'll chime in some more in the comments.

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rob said...

I got excited for a sec...have you read simply christian? If not you probably should even if it's not equal to Lewis.

Ched said...

who was at home watching 24

At least one member of the family has his priorities straight. :)

Ariel said...

have you read simply christian?

I have not. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't on the verge of buying it and reading it when I'm supposed to be studying Greek verbs... Even if Wright isn't the second coming of Lewis, the book sounds like a real accomplishment.

Ariel said...

Re: 24

We got the first two seasons for Christmas. Last week we stuck in the first DVD and the mad descent into the world of Jack Bauer has become a little surreal. Among other things, I've begun breaking my days up into hour-long segments and counting down the final seconds as each hour elapses. Oh yeah, and I've also stopped's a solidarity thing.


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