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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yutter...Smooth as Butter

I know that on a blog with decidedly hip, un-techie undercurrents, it’s probably not cool to post two tech updates in a week. Still, sometimes circumstances dictate policy. And this tech update will be short, I promise.

No doubt a bunch of you are experiencing the current RSS feed craze, and experimenting with new means of accessing your favorite web content (i.e., this blog ). However, the ability to read dozens of news sources in one place (for example, via Bloglines, my favorite RSS feed reader) hasn’t entirely eclipsed the convenience of having your favorite news (i.e., BitterSweetLife) delivered straight to your e-mailbox.

To that end, I’m switching my RSS email service from Feedblitz to Yutter. Feedblitz was reliable, but I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one who got tired of the annoying orange logo glaring at me from my inbox every day.

So, all you email subscribers will be switched over to the more innovative, easier-on-the-eyes, Yutter. (You may be wondering, What’s with the name? And, like you, I’m realizing, I have no idea.) To enjoy this upgrade, you need do absolutely nothing.

If you aren’t an email subscriber, now’s a good time—maybe the best time—to become one. Feedblitz is deprecated, Yutter is elevated, and good times are ahead.

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Andrew Simone said...

You know, in my book, if its is tech based then I am fine with it: Post away.

David B. said...

Thanks for the nice post about Yutter.

As for the name.... Well..... We really don't even know... :)

Team Yutter!


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