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Friday, June 16, 2006

Weekend Photo: Golden Wood

This picture was taken in Wallace State Park (MO) in the late afternoon. I used the shadow cast by the tree to capture the glowing background without overexposing the shot.

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Oneway said...

Excellent. I just began experimenting with my aperture settings, so your trick will come in handy. Is this the D50 in the house?

Ariel said...

I only wish the D50 was in the house. I was about to put down my cash on the counter when Aidan arrived. The enusing hoopla and $$ outlay delayed the arrival of the D50 indefinitely... not that he wasn't worth it.

No, this shot was taken with the tired old Sony Cybershot. Woo woo.

Laborpayne said...

Hey Arie,
How do I get nice pics and photos on my blog?

Ariel said...

Sherry, the thing to do is download the free Hello software that Blogger has on the website. There's also a little "picture" icon you can click to upload a photo when you're composing a post.

Here's a help page that explains how to get photos in a little more detail. Next time I check your blog I'll be looking for pictures...


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