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Tuesday, June 13, 2006 Indexing Underway

One of my projects this summer is to finish indexing this blog using, the online bookmarking tool I use to track the many and varied topics that crop up here (sometimes catching even me off guard).

My index (the BitterSweet Matrix, I call it) so far is fairly comprehensive, but I haven't finished adding all the posts from the archives. Updating is underway, though, the upshot being that more posts will be appearing in existing categories, and new categories will be created. The Jason_Bourne tag, for example... Who knows, maybe the topic you've been waiting and waiting for me to address has already shown up?

Exciting stuff.

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Will Robison said...

Is the Bittersweet Matrix the one where we found out we're all being used as batteries to power the KU stadium's lights and that none of this is real? ;)

Ariel said...

Heh heh. Nice to have you back, Will. I'd be content if I could harnass my readers for enough juice to power a DSL connection.


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