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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Paul Pierce Rocks, Celtics Roll

Everyone remembers that Paul Pierce starred as a Kansas Jayhawk, right? I'll never forget his baseline game, which he showcased even as a freshman: Paralyze the defender with a jab step and a deceptively little head nod--like you're thinking about tossing up a shot right there--then explode for the thunder dunk, frequently over a couple players. Go Boston. And go former Kansas All-Stars. Once a winner, always a winner!

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Steve said...

What, no shot in the official Celtics jersey? I hear someone had to go all the way to Florida to get that. ;)

Ariel said...

The jersey is eying a place on the wall if the Celtics go all the way, but I'd have to bulk up like Paul Pierce to make it work as apparel. Aidan and Asher play hide & seek inside it. ;)


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