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Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Goodbye School, What's Up Dalgliesh?

Every once in awhile, circumstances align themselves in such a way that you realize that circumstances definitely aren't smart enough align themselves in such a way. If you know what I mean. Moments of remarkable correspondence and well-timed resolution point beyond mechanistic randomness to a God who keeps an eye on Blogger and cares about whether I get my degree.

Three very important narrative strands collide today, to the point that I need to comment. Years from now, you'll be able to say that you were here, reading the blog, at the very moment this historical juncture took place. Ready?

Here's what just happens to be going down this week:

  1. BitterSweetLife is four years old.
  2. I'm finishing grad school.
  3. I'm experiencing the storied Dalgliesh Point for the last time.
Doesn't that list make you want to stand up applaud? Isn't this occasion incredible? No? You have very little idea what I'm talking about?

Good, that was the intended reaction. I started out intending to whirl these three topics together into a post of unmitigated goodness, but that mutated swiftly into a post of unreadable lengthiness, so I'll be filling you in with 1, 2, 3 installments--at which point you can jump up on your hind legs and yell, You're out, sucka!

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Spyder said...

Can you hear me? I'm standing & applauding. Congrats!

Benjamin said...

In a fourth stroke of irony, to google "Dalgliesh Point" grants you top spot on google--though it only re-affirmed what I had not yet read:

"You have little idea what I'm talking about?"

Indeed, you have your audience caught in suspense. ;)

Ariel said...

Thanks, Spyder! And I haven't even shared the details of my long, hard road to grad-hood.

@ Benjamin, that's really funny... especially since I planned it that way, carefully gaming Google to remove all mention of my previous posts. Ha ha.

Actually, Google must have started indexing my pages after my last Dalgliesh post...which means it's been awhile. I bet if you use the search bar in the sidebar, you'd get some results. Although, to enforce the suspense, I probably shouldn't tell you that...

Benjamin said...

Oh no, like a trout finally catching sight of the bait, the hook is firmly in place. Now, to sit back and ponder what hit the dam's gates first. :)

Oh, and I should have done this first: CHEERS! Praise the Lord for graduation days!

R. Sherman said...

Multiple congrats and best wishes in your career -- unless, of course, you choose to go for another degree!



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