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Thursday, May 15, 2008

First Prince Caspian Movie Reviews

Copious Notes tracks down some of the early Prince Caspian reviews. The movie opens tomorrow, so decide whether you want to be forewarned now or form your own, uninfluenced opinion.

I can say this: The concensus is that the film, as predicted here and elsewhere, has a darker, war-like feel to it, drawing comparisons to blockbusters like...well, that might give away too much. Follow the link if you want more.

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Benjamin said...

Just watched a midnight viewing. I think this one demands a re-view or two, to soak in all the glorious details...I am about to sleep off the overdose of Lewisian splendor. Nothing like a night of a Gladiator/LotR blend to throw your emotions into a whirl! ;)


Trekin4JC said...

I saw Prince Caspian Friday. I enjoyed it for a movie, but was disappointed that the story was so greatly altered from the book. Some of my favorite parts were omitted. I hope they stick closer to the book with the next movies.


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