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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bear Attack!

When you have this many bears living in the home, they are bound to get the drop on you occasionally.

In this case, Curly, Snowball and Pooh lay in wait on a heating pipe overlooking the path to the kitchen, which is the equivalent to Aidan's morning watering hole. Their attack, when it came, was swift and ferocious.

I pulled the bears off Aidan with the help of a flaming incense stick and a dining room chair.

This is a timely reminder that although these animals appear "cute" and "cuddly," we should never forget that they are ultimately wild and can never be trusted completely.

With the benefit of hindsight, there can be little doubt that this latest attack was precipitated by "harmless" interactions like the one below--instances where Aidan wrassled and body-slammed the bears as if they were domesticated animals--when in fact, they were only biding their time and planning their revenge.

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