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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Celebration at the Station 2008 Pictures

We're just now getting back up to normal life speed after a long weekend that involved a graduation bash, volleyball, multiple relatives visiting, and, of course, Kansas City's renowned Celebration at the Station.

Last I heard, there was an estimated 45,000 people there, sitting on the hill in front of the historic Union Station, and listening to the KC Symphony play patriotic melodies with the help of cannon and, eventually, fireworks.

We went with our friends Matt & Jessica. Aidan stayed home with his grandparents because large crowds give him the inexplicable desire to run like a manic soccer player screaming BALL! BALL! BALL! and asking strangers for licks of their ice cream cones. Asher accompanied us, however, and was absolutely unimpressed by the cannon fire and large explosions in the sky. I'm not even sure he blinked.

Watching fireworks with a symphonic soundtrack made us feel really sophisticated. You know, even more than usual.

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R. Sherman said...

Might be me, but my Firefox isn't showing the photos and I can't link them on your host.


Ariel said...

Thanks, Sherman. I probably wouldn't have noticed that for awhile. Should be fixed now...


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