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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Due Provocation: Fighting the Devil

Yesterday in the teachers’ lounge I was talking to a woman who dreamed that she had stood toe-to-toe with the Devil and beat him down.

To be more precise, she strangled him. The Devil threatened her, I guess, and being one to take the fiend by the horns, she grabbed him by the throat and squeezed. Lucifer got smaller and smaller, shrinking to a mere wisp, until he evaporated. This lady, we’ll call her Becky, saw the encounter with Satan, “horns and tail and everything,” as a good sign. Proof that serendipity is real. Good but unexpected.

She and her husband had been going through some hard times. Frivolous litigation, she told me. She hadn’t known that she had needed it, but the dream was a sign that she could “keep on going.” She woke up feeling good, really good.

What do you make of all this?

I told Becky that I was convinced that God governed coincidences. And that I might blog about her dream. She said that was cool, that I could pass on any helpful comments or ideas I came up with.

So here we are.

When you dream that you throttle Satan, it would seem like God has some big plans in store for you. Either that or the Devil.

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Will Robison said...

I once dreamt that I was fighting aliens alongside Richard Nixon. I'm not sure what that means, but I stopped eating Pepperoni Pizza before I went to bed after that.

Anonymous said...

could you tell me how to get a seperate feed for comments? thanx u have a nice blog here. good luck.

Oneway said...

My understanding is that an essential facet of Jesus' role as Messiah is His sole ability to defeat Satan.

Camille said...

Dreams are so much fun to speculate about. I would posit that the dream says more about Becky than it does about anything else and if she is throttling the devil, all the more power to her!

Verashni said...

The only thing I'm battling of late is your blog which doesn't seem to want to accept any of my comments... lets hope this one works out. Thanks for the comment, I'm rather glad I 'discovered' your blog too :) I'm somewhat into dreams myself and have found it to be an incredibly reliable channel of communication with God... does that sound weird?

Ariel said...

I explained my separate comments feed here, Anon. Good luck with it!

On the devil topic, I'm happy to see a few takes.

The Pepperoni Hypothesis may be sound, but Will clearly gave up his pizza habit too easily. It would take a lot more than Nixon and aliens to get me to sacrifice my before-bedtime snack.

I agree with Camille, that Becky's dream reflects more on her than it does on the Devil (whose identity has been pretty well established for some time now). However, since we know the Devil to be a cold-blooded liar, his involvement still makes me wince slightly. I wonder if Becky really comes out ahead.

Oneway's point reinforces my suspicion here. Given that Jesus is the one who habitually, and with finality, gets the best of Satan, how healthy can it be for me to think that I am a devil-beater? The word "elan" comes to mind.

Verashni, sorry to hear about the comment-bouncing. Hopefully this one getting through will signal a new era.

I've had a few dreams that I felt strongly were from God, with an overt message. I think I can count them on one hand, though. Dreams often throw me because I wonder whether I'm just assigning my subjective interpretations to them. I wish that wasn't the case, though. Given that God uses dreams in the Bible, I'm sure he still does so today.

You've made me curious.


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