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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Baby Stands on Principle

Aidan Takes a Stand

When my parents visited last night, Aidan began to generate a low decibel stream of sound. He kept it up for the duration of their visit, with interludes now and then which he used to showcase his thoughtful artistic temperament.

My mom: “Look how much bigger you are, Aidan! You’ve grown so much in just a week!”
Aidan: “Grruuhrr.”

My dad: “Hi Aidan, do you recognize your grandpa’s voice?”

Aidan: “Mmmraahr.”

My mom: “Oh, look at him now, he’s

Aidan kept this up sporadically for almost an hour. Eventually, my parents made their goodbyes and headed toward the door.
My mom and dad: “Thanks for letting us come over.”
Me and Lindsay: “Of course, thanks for coming.”
Aidan: “Ehrah, ehrah.”
My mom and dad: “Goodnight!”
Me and Lindsay: “Goodnight, guys!”
Aidan: “Girraah.”
My dad: “Now Aidan, you need to sleep at least five hours in a row tonight, so your parents can rest.”

We all almost jumped back. Me especially, who was holding Aidan when he stuck his chin out and delivered the ultimatum. The kid is just six weeks old, but he doesn’t take flack from anybody. There are certain fixtures in his life that he just won’t discuss.

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Verashni said...

That baby is obviously following in his dad's footsteps... barely a month and he's speaking his mind! I'll look forward to some great apologetics oneday...


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