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Saturday, April 29, 2006 & Organized

Taking a hint from scrupulously organized people like Andrew Simone, I went through BitterSweetLife’s dedicated page and organized all my tags in “bundles.”

For those of you who use (and you should) the new functionality is immediately obvious: BitterSweetLife’s “index” is now arranged, as it were, under larger umbrella terms. Before there was a motley cloud of tags splashed in disarray across the page. Now there is unity, order, style.

This is useful if you ever want to find a BitterSweetLife post on a specific topic.

For example, someone interested in the concept of “bittersweetness,” the central premise of this blog, would find a collection of relevant posts “bundled” together under, what else, “Bittersweetness.” The tags collected in this bundle include, “Joy,” “Pain,” “Clues,” “Edges,” etc.—a balanced fusion sure to lead a reader toward the sought-after knowledge. (Then of course there are the “Bittersweetness” tags in the “Bittersweetness” bundle for those who want to cut to the chase.)

Tech update complete.

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Andrew Simone said...

Reorganizing my account and adding scripts is next on my agenda. This, of course, is all post-finals.

Incidentally, this is the only area of my life that is organized.

Ariel said...

Excellent. As has been said before, adding additional technology to your blog will definitely enhance your street cred.

As to organization in other areas of life, everyone knows that a blogger's private life is totally irrelevant to anything he may say or while in offic - that is, while online. ;)

Dustin said...

I use the method, and have actually put a drop down menu on the side. I love hacks! Now I'm still working on my header, it needs some work.

Dustin said...

Oh, I almost forgot. Ariel, you should check out Fresh Tags, which is what I use with It allows you to stay on your webpage rather than navigate away and then back again. I love it.

Ariel said...

"you should check out Fresh Tags"

Good call, Dustin. I've been toying with the Fresh Tags idea, and your recommendation is all the further incentive I need. It's just a matter of time...


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