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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Silly Meme Thing

I can’t handle the idea of being a bad sport. So when grace slapped this meme project on me, I dropped everything, raced home from work, shut myself in with the computer and generated this list. Well, not quite. But I knew I had to do it. I’m still deciding which of my friends will “get to” do this next…

Ten Things I've Never Done

I’ve never…
1. turned down a hoops game.
2. seen Michael Moore’s point.
3. met a coffee I didn’t like.
4. slept past noon.
5. been to Jamaica
6. driven a Rolls.
7. liked prime time tv.
8. assaulted a parking patrol cop.
9. dug rap music.
10. been fully appreciated. ;)

And there you have it.

At some point I'll have to sort out how I feel about these things. Elated, at the opportunity for gratuitous self-revelation? Perplexed, at why anyone would want to read a random "top ten"-list? Happy, at having rediscovered my inner child? Austere, because I'm not listing sexy "nevers?" Or more likely, just distracted because it's sunny outside.

Time for some outdoor rec time, and in case you're wondering, this doesn't count as a Post Of Substance.

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ninjanun said...

You've never met a coffee you didn't like?

I've met several coffees I didn't like, although I might just be pickier than you. :)

What about badly made or burned Folger's?

aparna said...

i echo ninajun.and about michael moore ,are you refering to anything in particular???????because i liked bowling for columbine and also the one that won the palme d'or at cannes last year.

JusPasenThru said...

Doesn't matter. It's still funny!

Ariel said...

"You've never met a coffee you didn't like?"

I knew I should have phrased that differently! I actually thought, as I clicked the Post button, "I bet people will misinterpret that..." The idea was supposed to be "I've never met a shade-grown Ethiopian dark roast with chocolate notes that I didn't like." How come you didn't get it?

For the record, I tend to be a coffee snob. After Lindsay and I went to our first cupping, I never looked back. Folgers is considered a fashion faux pas in our household.

I feel so much better now, having cleared my name.

Tom Wilkinson said...

Can you define "first cupping"?
And do you think the world is ready for monthly coffee and tea tastings held the way wine tastings are?

Ariel said...

A "cupping" is a coffee-tasting event - ours was put on by The Roasterie, my favorite local company. At a cupping, you listen to a connoisseur talk about nuances of flavor—acidity, “brightness,” aroma—and then precede to taste a variety of brews. I already had leanings towards coffee snobbishness, and that experience cemented it. But I could talk about this ad nauseum...

“Is the world ready for monthly coffee tastings?” Is the sky blue? Does a bear live in the woods?


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