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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Story Bound

Faced with hours of precipitation and forced inactivity, it’s is hard to conceive of a day more gloriously spent than in bookish drowsiness. Yesterday, after an early-morning errand to get the car inspected, banal reality was put on hold as I burned through Out of the Silent Planet, the first book in C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy. (Lewis is one of those authors I feel “homesick” for after longish absences. It’s been since August since I read The Great Divorce.) Today Lindsay and I hoped to work, but a forecasted ice-storm closed down the school district and put an end to that aspiration. Instead, I turned to Perelandra, the second book, and with just pages to go…I take a few moments off to gloat.

Two non-mandatory books in two days. Aaaah. This sure feels good. There's nothing quite like being snow-bound and story-bound at the same time.

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Pedro said...

Very funny. I don't know when I finished the last NON-fiction book. We're not sure if we'll be there tonight, because Daniel says "The roads are too icy!" Bologna.

Sherry said...

I'm a Texas girl, never really wanted to live "up North" where it gets really cold and actually snows. However, being snowbound sounds as if it has its advantages. I could enjoy re-reading some C.S. Lewis.

:..M..: said...

Sure is the best feeling! I love it when I take an off from the mundane and grab a book and let the day just dissolve while I read.

The post reminds me of how long it's been.

Anonymous said...

Good post, good post. But you forgot to mention that your reading selection was inspired by your wife who had been "talking up" the Space Trilogy to you for quite some time! I can't wait to actually talk to you about it all when you are done. So ... hurry up and finish, would ya?


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