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Friday, January 28, 2005

Book Curfew

I broke mine to finish this one. But it’s too late to look back now.

A Generous Orthodoxy… - Brian McLaren
Self-proclaimed “provocative, mischievous and unclear” book succeeds on all counts. McLaren brings to the table a paradigm-breaking approach to the “Christian” institution, which he derides, while pursuing life as a follower of Christ. Positively, this approach is eye-opening, and attempts to rise above stupid infighting. Negatively, it is overly cynical and vital nuances of meaning are lost in “provocative” generalities. I.e., is McLaren a universalist? Does he believe in Hindu-Christians? On a more general level, Does the man have a spine? Though somewhat irritating, Orthodoxy still ought to be read, preferably after reading the original Orthodoxy (G.K. Chesterton), preferably while in a “generous” mood.

As a sidenote, are there any Weakerthans fans out there? When you find a band with lyrics like-

I need a shiny new machine
That runs on lies and gasoline
And all the batteries we stole
From smoke alarms

-what's not to like?

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