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Saturday, January 22, 2005

A Lay-Up Call

Over Christmas, the scope of my hoops life had become sadly limited.

Yesterday, while making a Post Office visit (see previous entry), the guy who went and searched for my package thought I looked familiar. Of course I did, since I’m at the PO every other day,* but he thought I looked familiar for more than the usual reasons. He looked familiar too. Him being a big black guy, about 6’3”, one context for an acquaintance was obvious.

“Do you play pick-up ball?”

And so the full story emerged. We’d played a few times at UMKC, our local metro college, where I’d been in the habit of hoopin’ it up Saturday mornings. Until Christmas break, that is.

Some of you have probably been wondering what’s happened since my last hoops update. Did I bust a knee out pullin' a move? Torque my ankle beyond all recognition? Sprain my index shooting finger? Or finally get that spot in the NBA developmental league? Sadly, nothing so dramatic. The currents of the urgent just grabbed me and pulled me under, and what with one Saturday morning engagement or another, hoops had taken a back seat.

What can one do in response to a providential, divine encounter like the one yesterday at the PO? Only one course of action, really.

I repent. I repent. I repent.

* I exaggerate slightly. And yes, I'm fully aware that this is the latest in a string of fairly lite posts...with any luck I'll get something more substantial up soon. It's the plan.

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