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Friday, September 26, 2008

Sigur Rós for $5

It's been a frenetic, crazy week, thus the lack of posts. However, I just saw something that gave me such a large rush of adrenalin that I have to mention it. (And, uh, no, it's not this album's cover art.) You can download the latest album from Sigur Rós for $5.

If you're not tracking, Sigur Rós is the Icelandic "slow-motion," post-rock group that has earned accolades from critics while impressing fans with passionate, brilliant live performances. If you're looking for some kind of comparison, Radiohead is probably the closest you'll come...but in Icelandic. Although the latest album does include a song in English.

Med sud I eyrum vid spilum endalaust may not be the top album from Sigur Rós (it's still being debated, OF COURSE) but for $5, you can't go wrong. Deal good through Monday.

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Will Robison said...

There are nekkid people on the cover.

Ariel said...

I was hoping no one would notice that.

I'm pretty sure the shot was taken from a National Geographic story about a small Icelandic jungle tribe.

Steve said...

An Icelandic jungle tribe?


Isn't that like Bedouins in the rain forest?

Ariel said...

@ Steve, you're trackin'. ;)


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