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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Promising New Culture Site: Culture11

I just came across a brand new site that looks promising, and seems to have a pretty decent stable of writers. The current line-up is highlighted by a great article, "Superhero Nation." Do you agree with this?

Entertainment Weekly’s Chris Nashawaty complained that superheroes have ruined summer movies, blaming Spider-Man’s success and Hollywood’s propensity to exploit same with more of the same. “No superhero was too minor or crappy to be pulled out of the mothballs, tarted up, slapped on the ass, and turned into a bloated summer movie,” he wrote.

Culture11 writer Frank Pine doesn't. Another bit:
More people will likely be moved and affected by Batman’s moral hand wringing than will be swayed by the overt didacticism of a movie like Lions for Lambs. In part, that’s because the politics of superhero movies, rather than being preachy and partisan, emerge in plot points that drive narrative rather than as windy dialogue in artsy films easily dismissed by moviegoers with dissenting views, critics and couch potatoes alike.

Yeah, you could accuse me of being a sucker for superhero movies, and I wouldn't argue too vehemently.

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