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Monday, September 08, 2008

From XKCD to Memento

This comic from xkcd is undoubtedly a gateway drug for Memento, one of impressive early films from the director of The Dark Knight, Chris Nolan. Think stream of consciousness, first person narration, bursts of violence and short term memory loss (no IHOP though). It's actually a great movie.

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John said...

Actually the XKCD author just added at the top of the page that it's a parody on "House of Leaves".

But Memento is still a totally awesome movie.

Ariel said...

Clearly, he read my post and decided to steal my thunder. That's all right, genius artists are allowed to be capricious like that. ;)

Will Hicks said...

"Memento" is a great, GREAT flick. It was the second movie Nolan ever made, after "Following".

If you want Chris Nolan street cred, you should go rent "Following" tonight.

Between "Following", "Memento", "The Prestige" and up through TDK, Nolan is what M. Night Shamawashedup wishes he had become.

Ariel said...

I agree, The Following is an unrecognized classic - film noir with a mind-bending twist. (We saw it about 3 years ago, ha HA!)

Good call on M. Night, lol. He apparently started reading his own press clippings.


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