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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Twitter Tips

For those of us who have discovered that sharing random slices of life with the world is mildly addicting, Ed Stetzer has some excellent advice. That's right, Twitter has become widespread enough to have its own tutorials. But I'm not complaining. Here's a good call from Stetzer:

1. "Tweet" the angles (Twitter is the service, "tweet" refers to the update/post).
It's not worth tweeting that you had lunch. But the fact that your boss stole fries off your plate while he thought you weren't looking is. Avoid the obvious and find the angle of an experience. People want you to share your life, so give them the good stuff.

Totally true. If I wanted to know unadorned facts like 1) you're eating lunch now, 2) you're leaving work now, 3) you're going to bed now, etc., I'd also paint my bathroom a couple times a week and watch the paint dry, just for fun. But with a little forethought, Twitter can be a good networking tool.

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Anonymous said...

So, I don't really see any redeeming purpose for Twitter. Our culture (and the average attention span) is fragmented enough, without adding one more way to avoid the most basic but valuable method of communication: face-to-face. It's the trump card.

People laud fbook, twitter, texting, etc. as "valuable communication/networking tools" because they are not time-consuming.

By default, these methods encourage you to "conveniently" spend as LITTLE TIME as possible communicating with other people (hence, you rarely succeed in getting a point across). Where is the value in that?

Ariel said...

If twitter, fb, etc. become a substitute for real, time-consuming friendships, than you've got a great point.

If you use 'em as tools to network and stay connected with people you rarely see in person, they make pretty useful tools, though!


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