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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

10 Great Wallpapers that Scream "Summer!"

Every once in awhile, this blog likes to toss out a top ten list. Here's one that will actually leave something in your hands on your desktop, absolutely free.

Even during the dog days of August, "summer" means bright heat, azure skies, and sparkling ozone. Unfortunately, we can't spend the whole summer sipping drinks on beaches, savoring the city heat, and swimming in deep, cool lakes. Here are ten fantastic wallpapers to make the golden season last a little longer. They've all been doing duty on our computer.

Great wallpaper
Ocean and Sky on Fire 1 by *wildplaces. This shot captures the curtain call on a fiery day.

Summer by ~juxxo. We should all spend more time free-falling into lakes at dusk.

Flying Low by Nathan Grey. Some subtle special effects give this scene streamlined magic.

Celebration Brooklyn Bridge. Hot times, summer in the city.

Tropical Beach. Count on it, someone is napping in those palm trees.

Lost Coconut. Care to be a castaway on this beach?

Lonely Tree by ~sican. Grass so green you can almost believe it's bug-free.

City at Night. This photo captures the vitality of an urban summer when the sun goes down.

Golden Hills. The dark blue belly of that cloud suggests a rain storm is about to drench these dry plains.

Lake Mapourika. A running jump off that dock might send ripples all the way to the channel.

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