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Sunday, March 15, 2009

NCAA Tournament Bracket 2009: Pick 'Em!

Update: My NCAA Bracket Predictions for the first round are now up. Check 'em!

Bam! The official NCAA 2009 Bracket has dropped, and the consensus seems to be that the committee did a good job. (You can download this bracket my right-clicking and choosing "save file as...")

It's unfortunate the little, deserving teams like San Diego St and St Mary's didn't make the cut, but hard to argue against the additional power-players that received at-large bids (Arizona, for example).

Personally, I'm enjoying the fact that six Big 12 teams made it into the Tournament. Don't know if I will be advancing Texas A&M and Oklahoma St more than one round in my bracket, but Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri are capable of doing some serious damage.

I filled out my first bracket of 2009 a minute ago at I admit, I am still waffling on whether to advance KU to the Final Four or not. The Jayhawks that waxed MU and out-punched the Longhorns could make it to Detroit, but the Jayhawks that went shaky against Texas Tech and got pummeled by Baylor would be lucky to make it past the Bisons in their first round match-up.

Look for my NCAA Tournament Bracket Predictions later this week. And let me know if there are any great bracket pools I should know about, preferably ones with plasma flat screen TVs, Vespa scooters, or lots of cash involved. ;)

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Will Robison said...

I think I split the difference and had KU out after the Sweet 16. This looks to be a Big East kind of year. I'm taking Louisville, but that's really not much of a surprise pick, is it?


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