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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2009 Big 12 Bracket Predictions

OK, as promised, here are my predictions for the Big 12 Tournament (bracket) which starts tomorrow. We'll start at the beginning, with the first round games, featuring a majority of Southern Big 12 Conference teams...that's right, the Big 12 North turned out to be stronger this season, despite lots of early criticism. Ha ha.

Round 1 (Wednesday)

Baylor wins out over a scrappy Nebraska squad, the Bears desperately looking to redeem a season that was supposed to feature a deep NCAA tourney run. Baylor 65, NE 62

Texas beats Colorado handily. TX 82, CO 69

Oklahoma State beats a luckless Iowa State team en route to earning a sure NCAA bid. OSU 75, IS 54

Texas A&M beats Texas Tech in the closest game of the first round. Tech puts up a fight, but A&M is hot, and play with the confidence of a team headed for the Big Dance. A&M 69, Tech 67

Round 2 (Thursday)

Kansas crunches Baylor, beating them brutally in the post. So much for the Bears' hopes for post-season redemption. KU 85, Baylor 72

Texas beats Kansas State, because at heart the Longhorns know they are a top 25 team who has under-achieved. TX 78, KSU 69

Oklahoma hangs on to beat their Bedlam Series rival in a nail-biter. Blake Griffin, of course, is the difference maker. OK 76, OSU 74

Texas A&M beats Missouri. Again. The Aggies have the Tigers' number. A&M 81, MU 73

Round 3 (Friday)

Kansas beats Texas, but with more breathing room than last week, when the Jayhawks overcame a 14 point deficit. KU 89, TX 78

Oklahoma beats A&M, as the Aggie momentum runs up against Blake Griffin, the immovable object. OK 69, A&M 64

Tournament Championship (Saturday)

Kansas beats Oklahoma for the second time this season, but for the first time with Blake Griffin at full speed. KU's interior players--Aldrich, the Morris twins, and Mario Little--come in with a chip on their shoulder, determined not to get overshadowed, and play Griffin to a draw. The Jayhawks' superior guard play puts the game away. KU 89, OK 86

After the Big 12 Tournament concludes on Saturday (for the first time in years), the teams kick back and enjoy the selection show on Sunday. Six Big 12 teams make the cut, proving yet again that this conference does not get the national recognition it deserves. The teams everyone knew were in...


Are joined by...

Texas A&M
Oklahoma State

Not really a down year for the Big 12 after all. Coming up next: 2009 NCAA Bracket Predictions.

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Christiant2.0 said...

I think KU is going to surprise some people. They are dangerous

Will Robison said...

So, um, now that A&M is out, does MU move on against Tech?

must_decrease said...

Wild, wild weekend. Currently Mizzou is tied with Tech at halftime, and nobody saw both OU and Kansas going out like that. The committee would have a real pickle on its hands if either Baylor or Tech wins the tourney.

I still don't see how A&M makes the tournament over K-State, if either of them do. The smart money now is on Baylor making a run and stealing the spot that would have went to either A&M or K-state.

Big 12's that go dancing?

OK State

Ariel said...

I'm pretty sure both Texas A&M and OK St are IN. If Baylor wins tonight, then they will probably steal a spot from someone outside the Big 12. That's what I'm thinking anyway.

Go Bears, maul the Tigers!


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