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Monday, March 16, 2009

2009 NCAA Tournament Links

Great article on the chaotic euphoria/heartburn of March Madness, brackets, and the Kansas Jayhawks from the KC Star's J. Brady McCollough. Gotta give the local writers some love.

In addition, CBS' Gary Parrish has a nice piece breaking down the 2009 NCAA Tournament Bracket. Who knows, maybe some of his suggestions will make their way into my personal bracket predictions, which I'm hoping to get to later today.

What are you reading for your tournament preview?

Side note: Regular subscribers, if you've been with me for less than a year, you may not be aware that this blog transforms mid-March into an unabashed NCAA basketball site. Hopefully you're along for the ride. If not, you can go away and come back in a few weeks when the lingering smell of sweat and leather has evaporated.

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