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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blue Like Jazz, the Movie

This just in from Don Miller's site:

...To say we’ve given the book a Hollywood treatment is an understatement. The book itself would be, of course, difficult to turn into a movie, and so we took creative liberties. But in my opinion, the movie will be infinitely better than the book. Essentially we’ve taken the major, real life characters from the book, and gave them a story all their own. The end result is provocative and humorous and in my opinion quite moving. I cant wait for people to see the film...

I wonder what kind of distribution the movie will get. It's safe to say, though, that you should probably read the book before you watch the film version, despite the press release. If the movie really is "infinitely better" than the real thing, it would probably be the first time ever.

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Andy said...

Man, you beat me to the punch. I saw that as well earlier today, and I find it intriguing that he's done a screenplay based on it.

As long as it isn't cast with members of a church in Georgia, I think it'll be okay... ;-)

Bill Blackrick said...

very awesome to hear about the movie...can't imagine how awesome it will be.


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