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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Less Than Red-Letter

Today has been One of Those Days. Highlights have included:

  • Overcast skies and a monotonous, grey drizzle.
  • Two hours spent exploring the ineptitude of our local government.
  • A final grade report that was equal parts sad and irritating—“bittersour,” I think the term is.
  • An unintentional descent into exhausted slumber.
  • Two cups of strong coffee, in response to the former, which has made the world a better place.

Several of these events would benefit from elaboration. However, rather than launch a diatribe against the inane, absurdly tangled bureaucracy we call “local government” in downtown Kansas City—how you’re forced to pay one department to give information to another department (info which is already on file in both offices), in short, paying out to get an erroneous parking ticket rescinded, paying money in order not to pay money, all the while facing additional fines if you hope to park your car within a city block of the courthouse, city hall, police headquarters, or drivers’ bureau, all of which you are compelled to visit thanks to spools of red tape and the advice of ignorant public employees…—Well, rather than give in to that contemptible impulse, I’ve decided to write about something else.

Of course, I could also digress into a rant about academic injustice—how one doesn’t mind questionable professorial judgment calls (Hey, genius is entitled to its little quirks) until they affect one’s GPA (You’re a dictator, not a professor!), at which time they appear criminal, and one feels burned, as if one is not The Captain of One’s Academic Ship—but I will resist this untoward urge as well.

A final aside on the subject of surprise naps, and their doubtful benefit is tempting—Do you really feel refreshed afterwards, or just shocked that you fell asleep? What are their ethical implications; perhaps that you are slighting your own welfare, essentially failing to self-apply the Hippocratic Oath, which is self-neglect?—nonetheless I will move on.

Ah, but to what? This post was intended to be about something deeply profound, but I just looked up and noticed that my daily length requirement has been met. Later on, folks.

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Mustang Girl said...

I enjoy your writting style (just had to give some deserved props!). :)


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