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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

To Know, To Love

If he didn’t love you then,
he loves you now.
Unavoidable, under your gaze—
his admiration, her affection.
He smiles in your sunshine.
She shines in your shadow.
To see is to adore.

I wonder if there is an awareness that precedes self-knowledge? An instinctive knowing that undergirds being, before we are aware of being?

To ask the question is to wander into pure speculation, so there’s not much to be said. But the question fascinates. Did we know what God was like before we emerged amid the obscuring influences of sun and dirt, slights and sin?

Of course, merely “interesting” questions pale in light of tangible truths. Like this one: For God’s children, to see him is to love him. If we belong to Christ, “seeing” means spontaneous affection. Vision isn’t 20/20 now, but when the haze melts away, we’ll see the truth of the supposed cliché, “Love at first sight.”

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