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Thursday, November 13, 2008

First NCAA Bracket of 2008-2009

UPDATE: You can now view and download the official NCAA BRACKET 2009. And NCAA Bracket Predictions are now up.

Thanks to the good folks at ESPN, we can begin engaging in NCAA tournament speculation in November. KU comes in as a #6 seed, which will probably be about right...although if the young (very young) Jayhawks win some games down the road, their "national champion" braggin' rights could pull them higher.

In the current bracket, KU opens the tournament against MU (#11). Which would be, quite simply, a regional grudge match on a national stage, culminating in an MU slaughter. Not as fun as shocking North Carolina, but not a bad opening round prospect...

In this bracket, KU would have to beat UCLA and win the West before they could play the Tarheels and fluster Tyler Hansborough again.

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BruceA said...

I know it's a fantasy bracket, but shouldn't it at least conform to NCAA rules, like the one forbidding schools in the same conference from playing each other before the regional championship?


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