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Monday, November 30, 2009

2010 NCAA Bracket Picks

KU is 10 deep and wins early-season games by 40 while making it look effortless. And as if you needed more proof that the best part of the year has arrived, Bracketology 101 is offering early bracket predictions for the 2010 NCAA tournament.

A few highlights: Notice that the Kansas Jayhawks are the overall #1 seed, with another very dangerous Big 12 team (Texas) representing as well as two KU arch-rivals, Kentucky (John Calimari, er, Calipari) and Michigan State (knocked KU out of the NCAAs in 2009).

In this bracket, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M make the tourney from the Big 12 as well.

Bracket below. Go to Bracketology 101 for a more detailed breakdown and tournament predictions rationale. I'm looking forward to talking more tourney picks as the season develops.

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must_decrease said...

The game last night was a colossal beatdown. Honestly, I think the Big 12 is so deep this year they may get 8 or even 9 teams in. It is far and away the toughest conference, regardless of how much Dicky V wants to get in bed with the ACC.

Ariel said...

A couple weeks ago I would have said the Big East was the best conference in the nation, but today I'd agree with you. KU and Texas could both end up in the Final Four, and with K-State, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech breaking the top 25, there will be a bunch of Big 12 teams in play for the NCAAs. Big 12 is the nation's best conference in 2009-2010.

The fact that we're obliterating the Pac 10 in the current series is icing on the cake.

Will Hicks said...

UCLA a #9 seed?


slipknotshukla said...

no VT?

Anonymous said...

Where's New Mexico? Ranked No. 8 in the nation, but not to be found on your bracket? What a joke!


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