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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Broken Social Scene for $2

For 24 hours you can download You Forgot It in People, the indie classic by Broken Social Scene, for $2. Here's a piece from the humorously positive Pitchfork review:

This disc is nothing like you'd imagine. Not even almost. I've been over it again and again looking for some cause, some reason, anything, that would compel a band with this much unfiltered creativity and kinetic energy-- a band without even the slightest suggestion of tear-stained poetry or bedroom catharsis-- to fall victim to the worst possible Vagrant Records clichés. I can't find it. All I know is that when I press play, and this disc whirrs to life, it inexplicably sheds its crybaby façade and becomes... sort of infinite.
This is the kind of album that will more than reward your $2 risk.

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John B. said...

You know how it is when you see a CD you're curious about in the store and it's at full price and you say What the heck? and go ahead and buy it and you end up loving it so much that you don't really mind having paid full price for it and then, a couple of years later, a friend of yours tells you Hey! You can get this really great album for only $2 if you hurry! and you kind of feel vindicated for having gone ahead and gotten it but at the same time you kind of feel you wish you were clairvoyant because then you would have known to have waited the two years for the album to come down to $2? You don't know how that feels?

Well. There are worse ways to feel.

Steve McCoy said...

Another great $2 buy. Love BSS.


Ariel said...

John, I know the feeling all too well. A bunch of these $2 sales are albums I already own...argh. However, there is a certain pride in having paid FULL PRICE for a really good know, w/o needing the incentive of slashed rates.

@ Steve, whoever picks the $2 titles deserves a medal.


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