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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tag Your Favorite Indie Blogs

Thanks to the suggestion of cagey blog veteran John B., I'm going to give you readers the chance to travel the underground blog scene, IDing your favorite "indie blogs."

In case you're wondering, this is not a meme type of thing. This is more of a "I think your blog is small and poverty-stricken but very cool" type of thing. In other words, the indie blog label is an honor that many can only aspire to. If you are lucky dedicated, small, poor, and smart enough to earn the handle, I hope you'll play along and widen the indie blog circle!

Here's how this works. If you are tagged as an indie...

  1. Read the Traits of an Indie Blog (below)
  2. Choose 5 blogs that qualify and link 'em (ideally, they'll have all the traits, but don't sweat it)
  3. Use a button to make it official (if you don't like mine, feel free to make your own)
  4. Link back to this explanatory post

Traits of the Indie Blog
  1. Minimal overall influence. That's to say, you're not one of the net's heavy hitters. Your influence is limited to one geographical region or slice of society, i.e., those people who are "cool enough" to read it.
  2. Negligible financial impact. In other words, you are not paying your rent thanks to your blog. You aren't even buying groceries thanks to your blog. In all likelihood, your blog is buying you the occasional sleepless night, and that's it. You do it for the love.
  3. Fiercely unique. Your blog is dedicated to pursuits that most people view as peripheral to "serious" life. A few examples would be art, minor league hockey, photography, creative writing, rock climbing, theology that doesn't read like a musty encyclopedia entry, and God.
  4. Illogically dedicated. Seriously, you continue to write all these posts, month after month, for free? Don't you realize that hardly anyone reads them? Haven't you considered that you could invest your sweat and cogitation with higher dividends elsewhere? Yeah, yeah, yeah--and I'm not stopping. I need to be heard!
  5. Unapologetically eclectic. Your blog defies pigeon-holing. People say, "He writes about... He writes about...hmm," and you smile. That's because you like being a hybrid. You mix and match--art and spelunking, theology and basketball, philosophy and movies, etc.--because life is like that.
  6. Typically ignored. Your blog is not consistently (if ever) linked by any of the blogosphere's celebrities, those who provoke dozens of comments, are read by thousands of people, and could send waves of traffic to your blog if they deigned to notice your existence. But that's all right, it's the price of being indie.
OK, here are my nominations. Check these guys out, they're all marketably indie!
Blog Meridian
The Preacher
Says Simpleton
Six O'Clock Vintage
Luther at the Movies
Buzzard Blog
Iambic Admonit
Musings from the Hinterland

Yeah, yeah, I linked nine. But if you make up the rules, you should at least be able to break them to get things started! All right, let's see what happens. If all goes well, you should be able to discover new indie blogs by checking the back links to this post. Doesn't that make your pulse race?

For more on the origins of the indie blog, see my original post. :)

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rob said...

so by setting this up aren't you expanding your influence therefore not qualifying you for "indie" status? Don't sell out man! lol!

Ariel said...

Me, sell out? That's impossible. It would take more coin than what all these indie blogs have access to! ;)

Ched said...

It would take more coin than what all these indie blogs have access to!

Somehow, I'm not convinced :)

At any rate, thanks for the nomination; For better or worse, I've joined your ranks.

John B. said...

A belated thanks for this honor, Ariel. The curious can see my post on all this and the (un?)lucky blogs I've tagged as indie blogs. And, I look forward to visiting the folks you've tagged.


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