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Friday, March 16, 2007

Imagine a World Without Hypothetical Situations

Charles has an excellent post up. With trademark humor, he pithily explains why hypothetical situations are a very silly way to go about exploring truth and reality.

You are standing at a train switch and a train is hurtling down the track. Sitting astride the right-hand track is a car containing five children. Tied to the left-hand track is your wife. The switch is currently set so that the train will go to the right. You have only seconds to act before the train is past the switch. What do you do? (Also, how could a kind and loving God ordain such a situation to occur.)

Great stuff.

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Anonymous said...

When I was in Boot Camp, during field training at Camp Pendelton, guys kept asking what if, what if.

The Drill Instructor responded, "What if grasshoppers carried .45s, then birds wouldn't 'mess' with them."

Of course, he didn't say 'mess,' but rather a four letter word.

That's usually my response to hypthetical situations.

gymbrall said...

Hey Ariel,
Imagine my hypothetical pleasure at seeing your theoretical endorsement of my supposed article. Potential thanks to you for the possible plug.


P.S. I opened the box and neither the cat, the poison, or the plutonium was there. And now PETA, the FDA, and the Department of Homeland security all want to talk to us. ;)


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